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From our vantage point, one positive word can make all the difference in the world. One positive view possesses the power to transform. It is our forever hope that among the thousands of words we illuminate, one will resonate and shift the vantage point of the receiver to a view of the world that vaporizes for at least a brief moment any and all negative emotion they ever could have visualized. l o V e!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

p u d d i n g & p o p c o r n

Adrea Peters would describe herself in one word: n e r d. She likes quantum physics, actually she might like it a little too much. She also loves the histories of mathematics, particle physics and noetics. She does even things out by liking yoga and fooooddd! Between her and Teffanie, they have plenty of degrees and credentials for this company. Adrea with a B.S. in journalism, Teff in liberal arts, both with masters in writing. In their daily lives Teff spends her time with education and Adrea with computers. The match is perfectly genius. Beyond anything either could have put together on their own.

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