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Monday, February 3, 2020

Toasting to History

Happy History Month!

Last week, winds carried me over miles of white sands. Goddess circle love suspended me. We lived in our own Jamaican #GoopLab.

Uhmazing news had me weeping openly under bronzing sun after days of House Music all Night Long. Jacqueline and I layovered in the Mobay Lounge before the most comical HIGH flight ever. I watched Messiah and finally listened to Of Children of Blood and Bone.

Mid week I sprinted. I dabbled on a new piece and played with blankets crocheted by my Granny.

Happenstance put Craft and I in the 254. We started Black History month with a bang— one of us by making it... You may have heard... his graphic novel, New Kid, won the Kirkus, the #Newbery and the Coretta Scott King awards!!!

We toasted with coconut milk drinks, #novelteas, fresh pressed passion fruit juice and ginger lemonade. We laughed about crinkled grocery sacks.

The Sweetness made a college break guest appearance for a book store date.  A best friend accepted a marriage proposal.

It’s Sunday again. I’m here for half time & commercials.

Farmer Guy and I bid au revoir to the SLU. He is en route now. Let’s see what FABULOUSNESS this week will bring.

Missing Margot. 

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