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Monday, December 29, 2014

'Tis the Season

I arrived in Houston (my coming of age city) for the annual fabulous TCSA conference. Big Al retrieved me from my hotel. We met A.J. and Tre for a lovely late meal. After dinner, the n i g h t c a p consisted of me and Big Al wandering River Oaks viewing holiday decoration d e c a d a n c e.

It occurred to me at some point - between identifying a new fad of lighted moss strands swinging free vine (new to me hence the lack of giant trees in my neck of West Texas sans woods), and searching out Aurora Greenway's / Shirley MacLaine's, Terms of E n d e a r m e n t house with its current situation of winter squash still donning the porch - that this was familiar. H a u n t i n g these same streets with the Big Al of another era. The me of another era.

The e r a when Houston housed two dailies and Eddie Taubensee caught for the A s t r o s and I caught Etta James live at Fitzgerald's.

The era of my Rap-A- Lot Records"My Mind is Playin Tricks on Me" 
doot do do do doo doot doot... My mind was. My vision blurred with tears.

I took Interview l i b e r t y to silence radio p e r s o n a l i t y Delilah and asked, "Would they be proud of us?"


"The us of before?"

Quizzically, "I think so. It could have gone many ways."

I knew what he meant. I toyed with the knob for a while and wondered.

I didn't have a hands down unequivocal answer like d a y o n e keynote, Dr. Adolph Brown, seemed to have - from bad boy to good man, or Drake, Started from the Bottom, now we're Here. More like started here an' am still here kind of rise to fabulous marginal.

Or was it?

What would future you tell current you? In an Interstellar way without components of time lapsed travel snaked with s i n g u l a r i t y.

Then theme o' the month happened. {Insert Music}
You know when a theme hits. Like when you get a new (to you) Mercedes C230. Thanks, Farmer Guy.
The universe starts doing the most!
All of the sudden, every third car you see is a C230. In every other parking space adjacent to your now not so unique whip parks a similar variation. If I pay extra close attention by next week there will be a total of 230 of this same car within a thirty mile radius of my job.
There you have it. Theme o' the month! {Insert Music}

This month's apparent recurring theme o' the month:

What would this you say to that you, and what would that you say to this you, and even better what will the next you say to you you? Endless c o n t i n u u m.

I think Baxter of Hoop Path hoped they would all say, "Thank you!"

Days later confined to my sick bed, Farmer Guy raced into the boudoir to flip on an OWN's, A Primetime Soul - to Soul Event. Oprah created a montage asking guests several questions, o n e of which, "What would you tell your younger self?"


I opened the blogs from Positively P o s i t i v e, and there it was again, What I know at 40 That I'd tell myself at 20.


To stop the processing of mortality at every turn, I decided to answer the q u e s t i o n. What advice would evoke a life in which me questioning me would end an answering of - this is me, in whom I am well pleased?

That night I slept, and dreamt an actual Bible verse speaking to me from a playing card: I Corinthians 3:9.

Okay, we ARE going there.

1 Corinthians 3:9New International Version (NIV)For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.
1 Corinthians 3:9GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)We are God’s coworkers. You are God’s field.You are God’s building.1 Corinthiens 3:9La Bible du Semeur (BDS)Car nous travaillons ensemble au service de Dieu, et vous, vous êtes le champ qu'il cultive. Ou encore: vous êtes l'édifice qu'il construit.1 Corintios 3:9La Biblia de las Américas (LBLA)Porque nosotros somos colaboradores de Dios, y vosotros sois labranza de Dios, edificio de Dios.1 Wakorintho 3:9Neno: Bibilia Takatifu (SNT)Sisi ni wafanyakazi pamoja na Mungu; ninyi ni shamba la Mungu; ninyi ni jengo la Mungu.

Well, I guessed, I would definitely need her to embody that, but what does God do? How can I be Higher Power's co-worker if I don't know what My Boo does ("God is My Boo" #iyanlavanzant).

Then all it once - g i v e. God gives! What I would want to tell the many me(s) is to give.

Give. Give Love. Give Thanks. forGive. Give touches. Give gifts. Give time. Give service. Give w o r d s. forGive. Give it your All. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give to yourself. forGive yourself. Give. Give. And then give some more.  

New apparent recurring theme o' the month.

At every turn, people are giving me wonderful g i f t s & p r e s e n t s.  A new romance by Melissa Foster, Game of Love. Purple sweet potato pies, notes by posts, facials from Darla @The Domain Origins, organic cookies from Emily @The Domain Whole Foods, Mama - in - Love gift package to The s p a @ Canyon Oaks.


Or is that the holidays? 'Tis the s e a s o n!!!

Heri za Kwanzaa!

l o v e

Thursday, December 18, 2014

p a s s words

Want more +++ words in your life? Change your passwords to #fabu1ous, @1oving, 3n3rgizing* words. 

Then focus.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

affirmation i n t o gratitude

Gratitude v i b r a t e s energy.

Whirlybird crème brulee scorching with caramelized sugar on top old skool hip-hop energy. Figgy bread pudding with f r e s h whipped creme birthday dessert energy. Thank you, Farmer Guy.

I know when I'm there. The sun shines brighter. The zephyr smells sweeter. I d a n c e  in my o w n hula - hoop. I know when I'm not. 

I'm overly committed to thinking about decisions, thoughts and d e e d s of others.

#o b s e s s i o n


I'm even thinking about possible decisions, thoughts and deeds of others.

Really? I'm sooooooooooo NOT in my own hoop. I'm way over there somewhere.

Pondering the real f o o d legacy of Caesar Chavez or wondering about Ray & Janay Rice, or s l e e p l e s s nights grieving the life of Michael Brown, or questioning will the people ever jump into a Russell Brand style rEVOLution, or the effects and causes of triangulation, or really why she always BE trippin'... Bye, Felicia!

Really? Really?


I sip my yerba mate. I exit the judgment business. Stage left.

The global domino effect may happen to be my business. Alerting the youth I get to p l a y with may be my business, but the whys of this divinely intricate and perfectly carved universe are not.

CODA anthem - All together now:

I am powerless over others.
I am powerless over others.
I am powerless over others.

Instead of trying to understand crazy as I have been known to tout. Right, Dr. Glo? 
If one understands crazy then one is also crazy or pretty close to it. 

I breathe and affirm. 

I am powerless over others.

I sip my yerba mate. I'm into the gratitude business. Shingle hung.


#g r a t i t u d e


Gratitude. It's what's real.

In my gratitude shop, there are w o r d s,  hula hoops and tasty #farmtotable food. All for sell!

The Manchild posts mama's photo on his Ig for #wcw, and invites me to tea after a local reading by Levi the Poet. Miss Sweetness rottens me with cadeaus of bricks of patchouli bars with books. We watch hours of reality shows sprinkled over Dr. Who and AHS after Sunday s t e a m s in the sauna. Sweet at home Abbybama k i s s e s me on my cheek before her trek. 

In my gratitude shop our bills are nearly p a i dThe mamas give much. 

Real p a t friends split Korean pancakes after d u s k. We mourn together. My fabulous fb family showers p e a r l s of bd w i s h e s that clog the farmlife internet ethers into the night. Bob's mom texts tales of Phookas that protect the harvest under ginormous a u t u m n moons. 

I am thankful that I have so many vibrant sensational personalities in my life, and I love knowing that I am p o w e r l e s s over them all.

I relish our s t o r i e s crossing. How awesome!

In my gratitude shop I can,

Stop giving a sh*t and appreciate love. 

The stop giving a sh*t, "They're coming, Katniss!" Mockingjay kind of appreciative love.

in g r a t i t u d e &