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From our vantage point, one positive word can make all the difference in the world. One positive view possesses the power to transform. It is our forever hope that among the thousands of words we illuminate, one will resonate and shift the vantage point of the receiver to a view of the world that vaporizes for at least a brief moment any and all negative emotion they ever could have visualized. l o V e!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

g o o d w o r d s

Can words, good words, actually make you feel better?  Click the title link, tell me what you think.  Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Onward we go. We loovvveee books. We love holding them and smelling them and buying first editions, especially signed ones. We love sharing great books with others. We love match making books to readers. We love that people want to know what we’re reading. We love editors. We love publishers. We have a deep and true commitment to the business of words. It is our hope that we will be active participants in the publishing world. It is our dream to have the opportunity to dip our oars into these omnifarious waters with open hearts and minds.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

C is for C R E A T E

T e f f a n i e !

I love all your posts. You are an A M A Z I N G creator! Look at all the magic you are bringing to this site! I love it! I love it!! More, please. Always more.

Why p i c t u r e - l e s s? I mean why not have images and photos and illustrations? Easy. We believe in you. We believe by not exposing you to what we think, you will decide. You will let your imagination soar and create whatever image is most beautiful to you. We also tend to wonder if we all aren't a wee overstimulated by images. Maybe, just maybe, the words we offer will soothe when you need soothing, inspire you when you inspiring, jolt you when you need jolting, love you when you need loving, ease you when you need easing and create you when you need creating.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We believe in giving beauty to those who find us. We believe the world is ready to blossom. We believe in becoming, no, ballooning into the bountiful best we all want to be!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Filled with Yumminess

This weekend I plan to s l e e p, r e s t, l o v e, and surf the net for blogs filled with yummy words.  Click on blog titles to link to my fabulous findings.  First up, easie peasie!  Have a fun f r i d a y.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How does a word become p i c t u r e l e s s?

Millions, no, billions of words apply to become pictureless, but few are chosen.  
The process is quite intricate and I will share a small part the rest is top secret.  
A topic from the master Excel spreadsheet is chosen.  About a week, month, or year of personal deliberation occurs.  When a coinciding vibrational moment happens, Adrea and I meet online, onemail, ontext, onphone then in about ten seconds the list is complete.  
Adrea begins the delicate design process.  
I begin the testing phase.  People from 0-100 become the world word testers.  I rate their responses from 0-10.  I randomly throw test words into sentences, post them on facebook, allow people to read the manuscript.  pictureless book books have manuscripts!  
Sometimes the words don't meet the challenge.  I call Fabulous Adrea.  "Have you gotten to 'b' yet? I'm not really feeling the response from the ten year old market testers.  What about..."  
We blurt out words in a swirling moment of synchronicity speaking in words when the same word sparkles out at the same time.  Voila!  Exchange.  Now to test that word.  
If a 18 year old pregnant woman comes banging on your office door saying, "Hey, Lady, where are the words?  I need to read them to Xavier (the unborn, now born child)."  
Bingo!  We have magic.  After magic appears the not so test readers are invited.  The critique partners, the editors, the significant others - pictureless book books are edited!
Next step- publishing.
If you have any words that are interested, tell them to apply on FB at the pictureless book page.  
We are looking for words.  Words that tickle your insides, free your mind,  touch your dreams, elevate your vibration, demand peace, create brain combustion, make you LOL, and LIL, churn your soul, that cause a pitter patter, toe tapping dragonfly imagine more effect.
Special consideration given to 'x's and 'y's.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fabulous Month o' Pink

It's all pink again!

Last October, I don't remember.  

This year, each ribbon follows me and leaves pink traces behind my eyelids.  This year- the year of biopsies, the year of lumpectomy, the year my mother had a mastectomy.  
Adrea is in the habit of sending by post (that in itself is fabulous).  Sometimes the treats from my partner breathe through their packaging, forcing my children to rattle the contents.  That time they were pictureless word cards.  Each card presented one of the words we claim on post sized cards, business sized cards, or itty bitty cards.  They were gorgeous.  I traveled with them half across the state to share with my mother during the post chemo / pre surgery / pre radiation hospital moments. 
Mom twisted them around and palmed them.  I saw fear vanishing from her.  When the anesthesiologist entered, he began to share the process.  First, we will do this, then that, the important thing is to clear your mind.  
"We have words for that, Mom, from the 'nothing' series."
The doctor was intrigued.  I shared p i c t u r e l e s s with him- Clear Clouds, Memory Music, Invisible Icicles.  He deemed them appropriate and darling.  He modified my mother's instructions to a p i c t u r e l e s s place.  
In a childlike voice my mother asked for surgical tape.  When he returned she began praying and taping positive word cards on her body.  Then, my fear vanished.  This is l i f e and life is b e a u t i f u l.  
Each hospital employee, visitor, and friend that witnessed that moment became instantly radiant.  The words connected us, protected us, and let us breathe through those moments one moment at a time.

It's all pink again!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

p i c t u r e l e s s books at Local Author Day

The Kindle. Gosh, for us, not just a device, a way of invigorating a whole audience, a whole new world! And the Kindle does not limit itself, something we wholeheartedly support. Our treasures can be downloaded to the Kindle itself, but also the Kindle app can be downloaded to just about any device… PC, MAC, iPhone, iTouch, iPod, iPad, Blackerry and for FREE! Amazing! Gooooo Kindle! We appreciate you!