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From our vantage point, one positive word can make all the difference in the world. One positive view possesses the power to transform. It is our forever hope that among the thousands of words we illuminate, one will resonate and shift the vantage point of the receiver to a view of the world that vaporizes for at least a brief moment any and all negative emotion they ever could have visualized. l o V e!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wreck this p i c t u r e l e s s book!

Consider using the I CAN Alphabets as a journal for your classroom.

I is for Invigorated
dynamic characters.
Dynamic characters change and grow throughout our stories. They go from this to that. After completing each story, flip through the pages of Invigorated. Did any of the characters shift from being one word to another? Why? If they didn’t change they were static characters.
Ebenezer Scrooge is a ‘g’. He travels from green to grace. We can write his name on the ‘g’ page of Invigorated. Scrooge was primarily concerned with his riches (green). By the end of Dickens’s  A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is full of grace.
Words you are not familiar with, find the definition and record them right on their page.

C is for Character
literary terms.
Record the definitions of writing / literary terms on pages of your pictureless papers above each word. Below the pictureless word, draw or document examples from the assigned text.

A is for Apple
your pictureless pages.
For your reading notes for this class. Paper clip the first page of A is for Apple for easy access. On pages of Apple, take your class notes, make your own notes, ask your questions, scribble on the page, color, record, collage. You may even tear out a page or two and give to a friend.  There is a message from me to you on each page. l o v e

N is for Never Night
your Alphabet Book.
From one of our literary selections or all, write your own alphabet book at the bottom of each Night page. Words you love. New words. Words from a few different reads. One or many! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share with us on facebook!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

free inspiration

h o w d y lovelies,

do you need w o r d s to brighten your w a y?
have a free book, and play!
it's f r e e until Tuesday!!!
y a y!


we will be sharing words at EPCC's 5th Annual Literary Feista this saturday from 11:30-5:30. p l e a s e leave review l o v e

Monday, November 4, 2013

g r a t i t u d e g a m e

Life is filled with mundane tasks. Waiting in traffic, riding on transit, stuffing envelopes, sanding hula hoops, chopping veggies and so on. 

Over here we practice word focus, and a good wood focus is g r a t i t u d e. When you focus on gratitude and breathe other words pop alive. Words that can make you weep. 

My thankful thoughts moved me to tears once while stuffing envelopes for a ginormous mail out. With each envelope I thought a thought of something that I give thanks. Somehow I landed off of the path of usual: health, family members, employment, and landed smack dab into experiences. Like eating lox in New York, baked beans in Boston, beignets in New Orleans then I took a turn to a Picasso museum in Switzerland. 

My chest welled. I am fortunate. Blessed, and highly favored. 

Start by counting tiles the next time you find yourself in the mundane and you need a life lift. Tiles are everywhere- on the floor, ceilings and walls. Give each tile a name of an article that you give thanks. So delicious!

Life IS fabulous!

l o v e

Where can you play the g r a t i t u d e game?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

four times p i n k

Each year I repost this blog for remembrance. A couple of weeks ago my dear friend had a double mastectomy. Thanks to Angelina Jolie, we can all feel more hopeful about reconstruction and selfies. 


It's all pink again!

Last October, I don't remember.  

This year, each ribbon follows me and leaves pink traces behind my eyelids.  This year- the year of biopsies, the year of lumpectomy, the year my mother had a mastectomy.  
Adrea is in the habit of sending by post (that in itself is fabulous).  Sometimes the treats from my partner breathe through their packaging, forcing my children to rattle the contents.  That time they were pictureless word cards.  Each card presented one of the words we claim on post sized cards, business sized cards, or itty bitty cards.  They were gorgeous.  I traveled with them half across the state to share with my mother during the post chemo / pre-surgery / pre-radiation hospital moments. 
Mom twisted them around and palmed them.  I saw fear vanishing from her.  When the anesthesiologist entered, he began to share the process.  First, we will do this, then that, the important thing is to clear your mind.  
"We have words for that, Mom, from the 'nothing' series."
The doctor was intrigued.  I shared p i c t u r e l e s s with him- Clear Clouds, Memory Music, Invisible Icicles.  He deemed them appropriate and darling.  He modified my mother's instructions to a p i c t u r e l e s s place.  
In a childlike voice my mother asked for surgical tape.  When he returned she began praying and taping positive word cards on her body.  Then, my fear vanished.  This is l i f e and life is b e a u t i f u l.  
Each hospital employee, visitor, and friend that witnessed that moment became instantly radiant.  The words connected us, protected us, and let us breathe through those moments one moment at a time.

It's all pink again!

BTW, MaRose is doing f a b u l o u s l y!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

playing with w o r d s

I have found (and research confirms) that exposure to positive words can help in building esteem. By manipulating positive words in the top three learning styles (tactile, auditory and visual) at least one of the exercises will speak to you.

Here are a few exercises that I recently did it the Museum of the Southwest.

“Be the word, you wish to see in the world!”

Exercise 1 / Visual
You are…
Materials needed: Something to write on, and something to write with.

Sit around a table with family, friends or familial f o l k s. Each person writes their name at top of paper. Pass the card to the left. Participants write two positive words that describe the person who’s name is at the top.
When each person receives their own card back, the exercise is complete. 

We have been known to carry our cards around with us, or keep them in sight as reminders.

Exercise 2 / Tactile
I want to be…
Materials needed: Scissors, Glue Sticks, Recycled magazines and newspapers, paper.
Think about words that can build identity. s t r o n g, s a f e, b e a u t i f u l, s m a r t...

A word can be specific for you or chosen at random from a word bank. You do have a word bank, by now? Strong, pretty, smart, loving, kind…

Thumb through the pages of magazines to find pictures that show that word as a visual representation. Cut images, arrange, and paste into a collage.

Also called “Be the word, you wish to see in the world!”

Exercise 3 / Auditory
Share Words
Find literature that expresses positive thought and high self esteem ideology. At least weekly share and read positivity text, and say loving words often. Need somewhere to start? Try pictureless ebooks, A is for Angel and A is for Apple.


l o v e

Thursday, September 12, 2013

f r e e food!

What in the world do we do with q u i n o a or k a l e?

Find out for freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

food words to b r i g h t e n your day- from now until Sunday!



See you this Saturday at #authorday Midland Downtown Farmers' Market!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

l o v e this l i f e

What's happening for y o u?

My life is manifesting rapidly.

r i c h e s from f a m i l y, w r i t i n g, p u b l i s  h i n g, e d u c a t i o n, h o o p i n g!

Excited to see what else unfolds! f a b u l o u s

l o v e

Monday, August 26, 2013

What are we doing????

People always ask, "What exactly is this w o r d thing?"

Here's the short answer (I think), "I want a word, any word, your word to make you feel fabulous!" I have seen it happen over and over again, and I want to share with e v e r y o n e. That's all for n o w.

l o v e

Be the word you wish to see in this world!

What's your word?

Thursday, July 25, 2013


This Hoopnotica journey has been uh-mazing!!! 

12 days after my Method One training in Dallas, I taught my very first class at an at - risk high school. Before that Friday, I planned, I read, I re-planned, I reread. I practiced and practiced. One thing I knew for sure was that hesitation and uncertainty would c r e a t e jokes for years from this crowd. 

When the day arrived I was ever so g r a t e f u l to have exactly seven Hoopnotica hoops (some gifted :)) for the P.E. class of six, and for me. I work at the school, but don't know the students as if I were still a teacher. I'm a desk administrator now- some of the kids I get to know, but sadly most I don't. In this class of six only one was familiar.  

We started with introductions, then a demo, and plenty of reminders to not touch the hoops, just watch the f a b u l o u s me. We have a plan... see the white board... it will go as planned. 

And it worked for five of them, but one of the students kept touching her hoop, and occasionally l a u g h i n g at random. The primary teacher stayed very close to this student and subtly reminded her to pay attention.  Time came for a mini first 'this is how to waist hoop lesson'. The same young lady with fierce intensity listened to each word I said, and watched my every move.  

She clapped her hands, squealed, "Ms, I want hoolie oop." 

As she spoke, I detected a possible learning deficiency.  "Hoops up... let's try."  

The students struggled to varying degrees, but not her. She hooped. She hooped hard. The other students admired her graceful hoopwork, and even cheered for her. She smiled, g i g g l e d, laughed. She was the best at something... finally.  

"Have you hooped before?"  

"No, but I want to."  

In disbelief after class I called her parent. The parent confirmed that her child had never h o o p e d, but always asked for one while perusing store aisles.  


Today marked the final hoop Friday of our term.  When she hoops, I'm reminded of angels with real h a l o s.  

This Hoopnotica journey has been uh-mazing!  I have photos posted on my instagram teffaniewhite or @toimaginemore if you want to see the loving hoop notes I received from the class today. Or search #hoopnotica, #boyshooptoo 

 Keep Hoop Alive 

Join me at the Museum of the Southwest, Friday July 26, 10-3. We're hooping!

l o v e

Thursday, July 18, 2013

f r e e inspiration!

h o w d y lovelies,

do you need w o r d s to brighten your w a y?
have a free book, and play!
it's f r e e until Saturday!!!
y a y!


we will be sharing words at the museum of the southwest this friday from 10-3. l o v e

Monday, July 8, 2013

Today is t i p t o p!

w o r d s on no w o r d s (repost)

"there are no words" read the status update of one of our pictureless' friends. It was my first indication that something went wrong in the world. 

Hours later I spoke with one of our Connecticut pictureless' tween babies.

"Ms. Teffanie, we are okay."

"Oh, yeah. What happened?"

She explained her understanding, her version, of the atrocity.

At home we didn't talk about it. We prepared for dinner, band practice and a thirteen year old's gymnastic birthday party. I shared with them the Christmas carol mall flash mob my fabulous boss sent me earlier.

"Mom, did you hear what happened?"

"What happened, Baby?"

She explained her understanding, her version, of the atrocity.

I still had no words. I would need some soon, and I couldn't continue to rely on tweens for the 411. Eventually, I would be expected to make a statement to have words as is the nature of all of my chosen professions.

Over the weekend I read the New York Times and I listened by the facebook water cooler. The words were there. People had lots of words to create their understanding, their version, of chaos. 

They weren't mine. 

I didn't want words from national leaders not standing on the educational front line. I didn't want words that voiced people's response to those politicians.

I didn't want words of where God was allowed, or not.

I didn't want words of fashion solidarity protocols of hoodies, and colors, and ribbons to don. Within moments, three different posts announcing five different colors to be worn on Monday popped onto my feed.

I didn't want words about gun control or mental illness or gun control and mental illness. 

I kind of wanted words of Scandal... What did happen to the other shooter?  I still knew that it wouldn't bring relevancy to my world or prompt the words I needed to make sense.

Monday, the day arrived. I still didn't have a single word let alone a statement. What had I said in the past? I am from the 254... we lived through Luby's, we lived through Darnell. 


You can't stop will. That's all I had or some variation of it.

What do we tell the students?

You can't stop will.

Should we lock the doors? Should we post people at the entry ways? Should we arm teachers?

Review Crisis Management. You can't stop will.

It was my answer to it all. Poor leadership. Poor words.

Maybe... there WERE no words.

Then Tracy's melody began, and in seconds the notes floated outside of my head allCalista Flockhart style. Not Brothers & SistersCalista FlockhartAlly McBeal, Calista.

is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like sorry like s o r r y

Forgive me
is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like forgive me f o r g i v e me

But you can say baby
Baby can I hold you tonight
Maybe if I told you the right words
As the right time you'd be mine

I love you
Is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like I love you I l o v e you

There they were. 

s o r r y 
f o r g i v e 
l o v e

The forgiveness stood out. I thought of the Amish. Remember when a milkman killed five girls in an Amish schoolhouse. The Amish of that community immediately displayed ginormous forgiveness to the shooter and kindness to his family.

It was so bizarre, yet so b e a u t i f u l.

For date night a few months back Farmer Guy and I viewed the documentary, The Amish. We both remembered the same man. He indicated that he didn't want to be the judge of something like that. That wasn't his job. It resonated and had relevance. 

Sorry, Forgive, and Love

I am so sorry that this happened on my watch. 

I forgive the Lanzas'. 

I love you. I love you. I love you. 26 times I love you.

l o v e 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

g is for greensburg!!!

Greensburg, Pennsylvania brought the co-creators together in graduate school where Adrea and Teffanie completed Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program. They gallivanted between scheduled classes in search of writing solitude. One such chance occasion, they gravitated to the same gorgeous quiet place where the seeds of their great partnership took root.

We l o v e you SHU!

Monday, May 20, 2013

a l p h a l o v e

When we play with our abc’s we find beautiful, simple ways to expand our lives. In our dream to make feeling good simple and fun, we turned to the source of learning that we all have in common, no matter what culture, gender, age, creed. The abc’s unite us in ways that we have only begun to find. The possibilities are endless, and the fun, simple: infinite.


l o v e

Monday, April 22, 2013

s u n s h i n e

t h a n k y o u Mary DeSantis, writer of Out of the Lockbox!!!! 
for giving p i c t u r e l e s s a Sunshine Award, which is for “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
Like many such online honors, the Sunshine Award asks recipients to do a few things:
-Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.
-Answer a few questions (see below)
-Pass on the award to deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

Sunshine q u e s t i o n s????
Favorite Color: b l u e! All types - all kinds. I even had my first ten-speed painted blue like the sky. 
Favorite Animal: f e r a l ones.
Favorite Number: i have a few! 11, 7 and 13. 
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: green t e a. 
Facebook or Twitter: fb, fb, fb, instagram, fb.
Your Passion: w o r d s & hula h o o p i n g
Giving or Getting Presents: getting from the farmer guy. i'm not really g o o d  at choosing perfect presents. i'm planning to learn.
Favorite Day: s u n d a y 
Favorite Flowers: t u l i p s & w i l d
Finally, these are the fabulous authors I’m tagging for this award. 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

guest a u t h o r - Victoria Thompson

writer to the r e s c u e

So what does an author do when she’s written herself into a corner and can’t for the life of her figure out how to get out of it—all while thousands of fans are clamoring for her blood?  That’s the situation in which I found myself last year at this time.

If you are a fan of the Gaslight Mystery Series (Berkley Prime Crime), you know that Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy of the New York City Police and Midwife Sarah Brandt have been solving mysteries and gradually falling in love over the first 14 books in the series.  Unfortunately, I had started the series by creating insurmountable barriers to their ever getting together, never realizing that the series would become so successful or that readers would become so invested in Frank and Sarah’s lives. 

Now let’s face it, how many mystery writers are lucky enough to have a series that runs for 14 books? I count my blessings every day. But in the spring of 2012, I realized that if I didn’t take care of Frank and Sarah’s relationship, readers probably would not keep reading. But how to do it without ruining the dynamics of the series? I was getting desperate, so I vented to my classmates. 

Classmates?  Yes, I was just finishing up my master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction at SetonHill University.  One of my classmates, David Wilbanks, who writes Science Fiction and had at that time never read anything I’d ever written, took my challenge and sent me a list of about 20 things that could happen.  Unlike me and my fans, Dave was unencumbered by knowledge of the characters involved, so his solutions didn’t have to be feasible or even sensible.  His ideas were outside the box.  Some of them were even outside the Universe.  But one of them was the perfect solution to Frank and Sarah’s problems!

If you’re expecting me to tell you what that solution is right here, I’m sorry.  I write mysteries, so I’m not giving away anything that might  spoil the book for you.  I will say that in MURDER IN CHELSEA you will finally get to see Frank Malloy propose to Sarah Brandt. Of course they also solve a couple murders and locate the birth parents of Sarah’s foster daughter into the bargain.  This is a mystery series after all! And to thank Dave for his help, I named a major character after him in MURDER IN CHELSEA. 

So this is how a fellow writer rescued me, saving me from the wrath of frustrated readers!  You can see how he did it by reading MURDER IN CHELSEA, a May 2013 hardcover release from Berkley Prime Crime.  It’s also available in all electronic formats. Please let me know if you like the solution by contacting me though my website, www.victoriathompson.com or liking me on Facebook at Victoria Thompson Author or following me on Twitter @gaslightvt. 

Victoria Thompson

Gaslight Mystery Series
MURDER IN CHELSEA, Berkley Prime Crime, May 7, 2013 release.