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Thursday, July 25, 2013


This Hoopnotica journey has been uh-mazing!!! 

12 days after my Method One training in Dallas, I taught my very first class at an at - risk high school. Before that Friday, I planned, I read, I re-planned, I reread. I practiced and practiced. One thing I knew for sure was that hesitation and uncertainty would c r e a t e jokes for years from this crowd. 

When the day arrived I was ever so g r a t e f u l to have exactly seven Hoopnotica hoops (some gifted :)) for the P.E. class of six, and for me. I work at the school, but don't know the students as if I were still a teacher. I'm a desk administrator now- some of the kids I get to know, but sadly most I don't. In this class of six only one was familiar.  

We started with introductions, then a demo, and plenty of reminders to not touch the hoops, just watch the f a b u l o u s me. We have a plan... see the white board... it will go as planned. 

And it worked for five of them, but one of the students kept touching her hoop, and occasionally l a u g h i n g at random. The primary teacher stayed very close to this student and subtly reminded her to pay attention.  Time came for a mini first 'this is how to waist hoop lesson'. The same young lady with fierce intensity listened to each word I said, and watched my every move.  

She clapped her hands, squealed, "Ms, I want hoolie oop." 

As she spoke, I detected a possible learning deficiency.  "Hoops up... let's try."  

The students struggled to varying degrees, but not her. She hooped. She hooped hard. The other students admired her graceful hoopwork, and even cheered for her. She smiled, g i g g l e d, laughed. She was the best at something... finally.  

"Have you hooped before?"  

"No, but I want to."  

In disbelief after class I called her parent. The parent confirmed that her child had never h o o p e d, but always asked for one while perusing store aisles.  


Today marked the final hoop Friday of our term.  When she hoops, I'm reminded of angels with real h a l o s.  

This Hoopnotica journey has been uh-mazing!  I have photos posted on my instagram teffaniewhite or @toimaginemore if you want to see the loving hoop notes I received from the class today. Or search #hoopnotica, #boyshooptoo 

 Keep Hoop Alive 

Join me at the Museum of the Southwest, Friday July 26, 10-3. We're hooping!

l o v e

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