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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

p r i c e less

Just reviewed the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, I could be in trouble. You see, within the last 4 0 days l i f e was the w h i r l w i n d.

"Reap it." YoungGuns

Aside from the collective stress with the recent national elections, and the community stress of our farmers' market annual celebration,

I e x p e r i e n c e d...

memorial - 1
burials - 2
wakes - 3
funerals - 4

thousands of dollars for funeral expenses and travel... p r i c e l e s s.

I got E N G A G E D to the Farmer Guy (first public announcement) by accepting a big R O C K, started wedding planning, sat on a felony jury, traveled all over my great state, c e l e b r a t e d my son's 17th birthday, attempted NaNoWriMo, all while negotiating 42 SES provider contracts. Weren't there also a few f a b u l o u s holidays with a few more to plan?

w o o s a h...e x h a l e

Most tense moment - I overcooked a whole spaghetti squash in my oven (remnants still remain). I raced into the kitchen after the s o n i c b o o m and threw my beloved Blackberry into the dishwater.

Why was that so stressful?

Um, well, (eat crow) I switched over to this distracted living device called the iPhone (first public announcement), which I swore I would never - ever - ever do.

Surely I've left out a few critical moments, like ortho appointments, school events, volleyball tournaments, holiday photo shoots, adopting a very sick puppy, and my ex-husband moving to town.

When I looked at the Rahe scale of life's possible insanity juxtaposed with stress related health issues, I wondered why I wasn't rocking on the floor in a fetal position sucking on my dreadlocks.

I knew why. I had w o r d s! Peaceful words of g r a t i t u d e.

I repeated this m a n t r a.

"To whom much is given, much is required."

And I had been given lots.

p r i c e less gratefuls. 

10. w o r d s

9. f a c e b o o k & t e x t s & c a l l s

8. t e x a s weather

7. fabulous m i r a c l e beads

6. g o s p e l on music choice & pandora

5. h o t green t e a

4. Epsom s a l t baths

3. y o g a

2. h u l a h o o p s

1. my s o f t p l a c e, my h e r o, & my r o c k

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there is divine universal delivery.

You will have everything that you need. #priceless #love

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